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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

This site provides you with real help if you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

No matter if you had a strong virus infect like covid, borreliosis or you are suffering from psoriasis, neurodermatitis or other auto-immune reactions.

This site provides tangible help.


The last 10 years I searched the internet, read over 8000 book pages and around 30 scientific papers on the topic of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Most of the authors or companies claiming to provide help just wanted to sell me their expensive stuff.

Never once I found an extensive space of knowledge providing a broader overview on this complex topic.

Therefore I launched this space.

It should provide you with a free and easy to use compendium on CFS and how you can ease your pain no matter whats your state of suffering is.


As the western medicine has still no real clue about CFS and most research hints at auto-immune deregulation I found the most promising approach should be a complete adjusted body balance program.

At least this approach helped me myself and hopefully will help you, if you try it.

Relevant Aspects

To fight CFS you need to cover several aspects of your life

Meditating in Nature
Open Book
Open Book

Behavior and Habbits

This part is together with the diet the important one. Start your recovery with this section.

Diet and Supplements

Today, most food is not good for even a healthy body. Your diet has a huge impact on your health and is integral for feeling well and healthy.

Books and papers

Some recommendations on books and papers I found most useful if you want some deeper understanding on CFS and auto-immune desease.

Alternative medicine

Traditional or alternative medicine has mostly a more holistic and pragmatic approach to sickness.

If something helps, it helps.

Success Stories

I'm working on a forum like page so you can share your insides and what worked best for you.

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